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     President's Day Quiz...


Take the President's Day Quiz and test your knowledge about two of America's greatest Presidents.

  1. President Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed on April 15, 1865.

    True False

  2. George Washington loved to Dance.

    True False

  3. George Washington wore wooden teeth.

    True False

  4. Abraham Lincoln was the 21st President of the United States

    True False

  5. George Washington threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River.

    True False

  6. Abraham Lincoln earned a degree from Stanford University.

    True False

  7. Abraham Lincoln was born in Springfield, Illinois.

    True False

  8. Lincoln's carved image at Mount Rushmore is larger than that of the other three presidents.

    True False

  9. George Washington chopped down a cherry tree.

    True False

  10. Both Lincoln and Washington were over six feet tall.

    True False

Finished? Click the button below for your score and then see what your score means on the table below. If the form doesn't work with your browser, check the answers below and total your score by giving yourself one point for each correct answer."

Your Score


0-4 Boo! It's time to review your American history.
 5-6 Not bad, but you could do much better. Read the facts about the presidents below.
 7-8 Good job. You did well. No homework for you tonight.
9-10 Wonderful. Stupendous. You're an American history wizard. You should be proud!



  1. False. Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865 as he watched a play at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C. He died the next day. He was the first American President to be assasinated. His final resting place is in Springfield, Illinois.

  2. True. George Washington supposedly loved to dance.

  3. False. George Washington never wore wooden teeth. Though he wore false teeth, they were made of cow's teeth, human teeth, and elephant ivory and were set in a lead base with springs that allowed him to open and close his mouth. They were probably more uncomfortable than wooden teeth. The fit was poor and damaging to his lips.

  4. False. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States.

  5. False. Another well-known myth about Washington. The Potomac River is over a mile wide, making it infeasible that even the best athlete could have tossed a silver dollar across it. In addition, there were no silver dollars when Washington supposedly tossed the silver dollar across the river.

  6. False. Abraham Lincoln had no formal education. He was a self-taught man--as was Washington.

  7. False. Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. He later lived at Springfield, Illinois with his wife, Mary.

  8. False. Each carved face is 60 feet tall.

  9. False. Washington never chopped down a cherry tree. Parson Mason Weems, an early biographer of George Washington, invented the story to emphasize Washington's honesty.

  10. True. Washington was 6 feet, two inches tall, and Lincoln was 6 feet, four inches tall.

"President's Day Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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