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Serious Quiz...

Is your relationship getting serious? Are you two likely to be together tomorrow? Put your love in perspective with the quiz below. Find out if the music you hear when you're together is a wedding march or a funeral dirge.

1. You've met his or her parents.
  No, but he or she wants me to.
  Yes, and we're already like family.

2. Can you imagine going a single day without him or her in your life?
  I could go on.
  I'm not sure.
  The thought is painful.
  No. I would rather die.

3. Have you told each other your dreams?
  Once or twice.
  We talk about it occasionally.
  We've thoroughly discussed our dreams time and time again!

4. Do you feel a deep sense of satisfaction when you're with this person:
  For the most part.
  Yes. Very much so.

5. Have you discussed being in each other's lives five years from now?
  We've hinted at it.
  Yes. We're certain we want to be together tomorrow.

6. Do you share any common bonds?
  I don't know.
  Yes. Many.

7. If you two were sitting together beneath a shady tree and taking in the beautiful scenery around you, you can picture the both of you...
  Searching for words.
  Talking about something mundane.
  quietly taking in the beauty and sharing an occasional kiss.
  holding hands and discussing something deep.

8. Has the word "love" come up in your conversations?
  All the time!

9. Are either of you afraid of commitment?
  I'm unsure.
  Not really!
  No. We're committed to each other.

10. Have you two discussed whether you'd like to have children?
  Only briefly.
  We know not only if we want children, but how many. We've even discussed names.

11. Would you two be happy to spend a quiet evening together just snuggling and watching a movie?
  No way!
  It depends on the movie.
  It doesn't matter as long as we're together.

12. You two can't get enough of each other. Does that statement apply?
  It depends.
  We're happiest when we're together.

13. You wouldn't be surprised if he or she gave you...
  A headache.
  A rain check.
  A deeply personal and meaningful memento about the time you two were together.

14. Have you two made up after an intense argument?
  We've never argued.
  After minor arguments.
  Yes! We always make up and can't be angry at each other long.

15. If one of you went on a trip, you'd stay in touch frequently?
  Not on your life.
  I don't know.
  Yes. I believe we would.
  We'd write or call each other every day!

Your Score

It means...
0-20 Are you sure you're even friends? Maybe you two just don't know each other well yet or have only dated a few times. At any rate, this relationship is either still on the ground or brewing and there's a long way to go before seriousness comes to a boil.
21-30 There are many close bonds between you two, and this relationship certainly has a lot going for it, but whether it will get serious remains to be seen. Only time will tell.
31-49 Your relationship is moving in the direction of seriousness. You two enjoy being together and you share so much. There are many common bonds between you and you two are dreaming together--all the ingredients for major commitment.
50 to 60 Your relationship is either very serious or is quickly moving in that direction. You both have deep feelings for each other and share so much. If things continue along this vein, you'll hear wedding bells soon.

"Serious," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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