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Perfect Match Quiz...

Often, the success of a relationship depends on how well you and your mate are suited to each other. Opposites attract, but there are some deeper issues that will surface as your relationship deepens. So are you and your love a perfect match? Find out with the quiz below and gain some insight into your relationship.

1. You both like the same kind of music
  For the large part.

2. Concerning decor/design, you both have the same general likes and dislikes?
  About 50% of the time.
  Yes. Usually.

3. You come from similar backgrounds?
  No! Vastly different.
  In many ways, our backgrounds are similar, but in others, very different.
  Yes. For the most part.

4. Your love's family are your family?
  No! We don't get along or we haven't met.
  I'm not sure yet, but I'm open to the idea.
  Yes. We're very close.

5. You have similar taste in food?
  No. Very different.
  We have many similar likes.

6. You have similar religious beliefs or you practice the same religion?
  No! And we often disagree about our religious beliefs.
  It's not a real big issue in our lives.
  Yes. For the most part.

7. You respect and support each other's goals in life.
  To some degree.

8. You have the same opinion about what makes a great night out on the town?
  Yes. Often.

9. You can think of at least three similar interests or hobbies that you two share?
  Not a single one.
  Only one or two.
  Yes. Maybe even more than three.

10. You want similar things in life?
  Not really.
  More often than not.
  Yes. Our lives and thoughts sometimes seem as one.

11. You have the same notion about how to spend, or not spend, invest or save money?
  No. Far different notions.

12. You have similar values?
  We share many of the same values.

13. You agree with each other's priorities in life.
  No. I wish my mate would change his or her priorities.

14. You have the same idea about how many children to have...or to not have children at all?
  We're undecided.

15. You respect each other's differences?
  I often find our differences intolerable.

16. Nothing makes you as happy or complete as being with this person?

17. One of the strengths of your relationship is that both of you are willing to compromise?

18. Even when you two disagree, what you feel for each other remains strong?

19. You would do just about anything for each other?
  It depends.

20. You're both willing to give in on some issues out of love and respect for each other.
  Very often
  Oh, yes!

Your Score

It means...
0-27 It must be true that opposites attract as you two are as different as day and night. That doesn't mean to say that your relationship won't work, only that it will be trying at times. If your love and devotion for each other is very strong; however, you'll get past your differences and learn to live together peacefully. The way you answered the last five questions gives much insight into how devoted you two are to the relationship and how smooth or rocky the road ahead will be. The key to success is: learn to give as well as take, and always try to put yourself in the other's shoes.
28-51 You and your love have many similarities, but many differences as well. In many ways, this is a desirable mix, as you keep each other stimulated, while adding balance and growth to each other's lives; however, you can get into some rifts at times as well. How deep those rifts can go depends on your answers to the last five questions as it gives insight into your level of love and devotion for each other and how much you're willing to give as well as take. Always try to consider your mate's feelings in any issue that comes up and try to be understanding and accepting of your differences, knowing that it's inevitable to disagree at times and see the world in a whole different light. After all, you're both unique individuals, and you really wouldn't want it any other way.
52-60 You two are as good together as bread and butter. You're perfectly suited to each other. As a result, you get along fabulously for the most part. The only problem with your similar personalities and perspectives on life is possible staleness. This means that you both need to work at keeping your relationship alive while keeping each other mentally stimulated. You can accomplish this goal by trying new things from time to time. Let go of the usual routine. And, if possible, take a romantic trip together or explore a new place. Or take up a new hobby together, or some goal to keep life interesting and your bond of love strong.

"Perfect Match Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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