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Lessons of God...

I was lonely.
I thought I had no one,
but then you brought some
wonderful new friends into my life.

I thought the world was
cold, cruel, and unjust,
and then you opened up my heart again
through another's kindness.

I thought there were no good options,
but you placed some before me.

I believed that my efforts
amounted to nothing,
but you rewarded me
in unexpected ways.

I thought that there was no way
to cope with my pain,
but you provided a means.

I thought I would never be happy again,
but you slowly made the sun trickle
through the clouds.

I thought I was weak,
but you showed me
how very strong I can be.

I thought I'd never complete my goals,
but you helped me every step of the way.

I though you had abandoned me,
and then you sent me many beautiful signs
to let me know that you're still there.

I thought badly of myself,
but you brought my best to the fore,
and reminded me that I can accomplish anything.

I needed something more in my life than
what I had, and you provided it
just when I needed it most.

I thought you were punishing me, until I
realized that the trials you gave me
helped me grow.

I was crushed from disappointment,
but you acted in my best interest
and brought me even greater opportunities.

I wanted to die to escape my grief,
but you revealed the beauty of life
and reminded me that I have not
yet completed my mission here on earth.

I thought my whole world was falling apart,
but you showed me that a new day will come.
pointing out that I'm beautiful and strong
as long as your heart rests in mine.

"Lessons of God," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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