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If You Were My Daughter...

If you were my daughter,
I'd tell you
to have faith in yourself
and to depend on no one
except yourself.
I'd tell you to choose
your goals wisely,
to look closely at what
you can do well
and to set your goals
based upon that observation
and the passion
in your heart.
I'd tell you to never
underestimate yourself
or your abilities
and to never subscribe
to the archaic notion
that a woman can't do
what a man can do,
because a woman can,
and women do all the time.
I would tell you
to be fair and honest
in your dealings,
and to always try your best.
I would tell you
to look within yourself
for happiness
and to never forget
the importance of
love, friends, and family,
and to accept who
and what you are
with pride.
I would tell you
that before you
become involved with
someone to make
sure that person
supports your dreams
and will strive
to help you achieve
your goals in life.
I would tell you
to look for happiness
in the simple things,
that no amount
of money could
ever bring you more
happiness than
love and accomplishment.
I'd tell you
to appreciate yourself
and to respect yourself
and to remember that
you're beautiful
at every age,
and I'd tell you
to search for joy in
each moment
every day
of your life.

"If You Were My Daughter," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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