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I'm Yours...

In the place where
I'm yours and you're mine,
we'll love, laugh, and learn.
We'll climb hills together;
we'll stumble and fall,
yet we'll find enough
strength in each other
to continue our journey.
Tomorrow will stretch
before us,
ever too large to grasp,
yet we'll keep
moving toward it,
finding reason
in each other's steps.
For though there's
much uncertainty
on the way ahead,
we'll always be able
to depend on
and take comfort in
each other's love.
And should we ever
find ourselves astray,
we'll let our love
guide us home...
to the place where
I'm yours and you're mine.

"I'm Yours," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "So Many Tears by Bobette Bryan"