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Be A Tree...

As the seasons change,
be like a tree,
and stand in quiet majesty.
Even when conditions are
harsh and disfavoring,
remain tall and proud,
strong and unwavering;
bending and dipping
but never breaking
when the wind is fierce
and the whole world is shaking.
Remember that all you are goes deep
and no storm can uproot
the dreams that you keep.
Take each rainy day as it comes
for you can withstand any weather
as long as your hope
and your dreams stay together.
Always set your faith
in yourself up so high,
that you can touch the clouds
that flit softly by.

"Be A Tree," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Opus 33 No. 1 by Chopin, sequenced by David Lovell"