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Heaven's Gilded Road...

When the light is growing dim
and my hours left are few,
I'll look back on my life
and fondly remember you.
When all that was narrows
and the stars of yesterday corrode,
I'll see your light shining
on heaven's gilded road;
for you were the dream I carried
all across the years,
the roses ever in bloom
through life's highway of tears.
You were all that kept me hoping
when the fire burned low,
an ebullient star in my vision
that kept my world aglow.
And I'll recall the way you looked at me
and every word you ever used
that lit the spark inside
and kept our spirits fused.
Though time will come to douse the flame
that lights our earthly lease,
eternity was written in our hearts
with a fire that shall not cease.

"Heaven's Gilded Road," written and designed by michaelparcelldaviesette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Peace by Michael Parcell Davies, copyright 2003"