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I'd Find Grandma...

A cozy cottage in the meadow,
I'd find my Grandma there,
sitting in her rocker,
beside a garden fair.
A lazy cat would be
curled up at her feet,
a big dog beside her
to make her home complete.
Her hands would be busy,
skillfully stitching a quilt
in this beautiful place that's
laced with heavenly gilt.
The scent of baking apple pie
would waft from the door that's ajar,
and bread would cool on the counter
beside a cookie jar.
From the cheery little stove,
a kettle would be singing,
while in the distance,
the church bells
would be ringing.
And my grandma would be happy
in this sunny place
so bright and warm,
sheltered in her cozy home
from every grief and storm.

"I'd Find Grandma," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Beautiful Dreamer, by Bobette Bryan, copyright 2003"