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Hold My Heart...

I know just how much
you love me,

You're the only one
who would let me know
if my slip was hanging
below my hem or my
mascara was running
down my cheeks.

You went to the store
in the middle of the night
to get me a candy bar,
even though I wasn't pregnant.

You encourage me when I
try a new diet, but you let
me know that you appreciate me
just how I am.

And no matter how foolish
I behave or how wrong I am,
you never think less of me.

You listen with interest when
I carry on about my latest
garage sale treasures.

Even when I talk about
the same thing a trillion times,
you're always willing to listen.

And you always keep my deepest
secrets safe, even if they're
juicy and well worth telling.

You always call me
when you're away,
and you even let me know
when you're going to be late.

You always rush to me
first when there's
bad or good news to share.

Even when we disagree,
you always make sure that
we settle our differences
and go to bed as friends.

And when I'm full of self-doubt,
you always make me believe
in the best of me.

And I can only say
that I love you
all the more for
these little special
and wonderful things.
And that the time we
spend together,
the plans we make,
and the dreams we share
are the most important
things in my life.

I always feel better
and stronger when you're near,
and I cherish every moment
of my life with you,
because you're
not only the
love of my life,
but you're also
my best friend.
And I hope you know that
you'll always hold
my heart in your hands.

"Hold My Heart," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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