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Pray For Her...

You say you love her;
you say you care.
There's so much
that you want to share.
Through the wild winds of time,
you've stayed with her,
but, tell me,
did you ever pray for her?

You're best friends,
so close that you don't know
where her soul begins
and yours ends.
You only know that you
want to be there for her,
but, tell me,
did you pray for her?

When she's down and weary,
you want to reach out,
something tugs at your heart
when her fire runs out.
And you know that you would do
anything for her,
but, tell me,
would you pray for her?

"Pray For Her," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "First Glimpse, original composition by Sandra Bradley"