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Summer Dream...

I lived a sweet summer dream
in a paradise where monarchs fly;
for in your kiss,
I lost myself and let
the world pass by.
Such sweet surrender,
soul wrapped in bliss,
your heart in tune to mine,
finding rapture in a kiss.
Expressing love with our eyes
that mere lips couldn't speak;
the flame in our hearts,
aglow on our cheeks.
In that wonderful moment
time stood still,
and we lost ourselves
in each other,
lost our will.
I'd never tasted such delight,
never knew such endless charm
as that I found in the
shelter of your loving arms.
We gave each other
all that we possessed,
certain that in our love
we're blessed.
And I vow that even
as the summer bows
her weary head
and seeks a winter bed,
time will never tarnish the
sweet dreams we've made;
for the light of our love
will never fade.
What we have is meant to last
even when the last leaf has fallen
and summer dreams drift past.

"Summer Dream," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Love You I Do, Original Composition, (c) 2003 by Bruce De boer.
Used with permission."