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Color Guide...

Did you know that the color of clothes you wear affects people's judgment about you? Well, it does. What's more, it affects your mood and perceptions about yourself.

Use the guide below to find out what people are thinking about you today based on the color you're wearing, or use it to your advantage by weighing the pros and the cons of each color in order to dress for success.

If You're
Positive Aspects Negative Aspects Suggestions
Black Others see you as intelligent, sophisticated, one to be taken seriously, strong. They also see you as overly dominant, cold, lacking in emotion. Some people will be uncomfortable
around you.
Brighten up your persona with a secondary color. Don't go too heavy on the white.
Brown People see you as trustworthy, sincere, and well-rounded. They may also see you as dull and uninteresting. People aren't drawn to you.
Add some black for some added excitement.
White People see you as cheerful, light-hearted, pure, fresh, inspiring, and tender. Too much white will make people feel anxious about approaching you. In fact, you feel more tense while you're wearing this color.
Add brown or beige for a touch of class. Add another color to tone down your "pureness." Go easy on the black.
Blue People see you as sensitive and down to earth. In this color, you attract people. Increases your sensitivity--unfortunately to the negative aspect of others. Could make you too judgmental, and may lend depression.
Add a touch of black to increase seriousness. Go for black shoes, jewelry, etc..
Purple People see you as admirable, creative, intelligent and open-minded. Some may see you as arrogant, and, in fact, the color may make you come off as rude and irritating.
Purple goes great with yellow, and will increase people's interest in you, while lightening the arrogant affect.
Red Increases your faith in yourself, and, indeed, people see you as strong, independent, a true leader. Inspires quick tempers. In this color, you could come off as impulsive, tense, and power hungry.
You can mellow the negative aspect by adding a neutral color such as beige, white, or tan.
Orange Heightens your mood, and makes others see you as creative, outgoing, and responsible. You could be seen as overly competitive, and maybe a tad eccentric.
Use a bit of black to take the orange down a peg, but don't use too much or you'll look like you're dressing up for Halloween.
Green People see you as perceptive, and intelligent, someone to look up to. You could be seen as dishonest and suspicious, and the color may indeed make you feel more insecure and suspicious. What's more, green may inspire envy, which could be positive or negative, depending on the situation.
Wear a neutral shade along with green to decrease the negative affects of the color.
Yellow People perceive you as uplifting, interesting. You draw people's interest. Others may not take you seriously; however, this color may have a greater affect on your own mood than on other's, making you bored, and making you find others boring. Wearing this color can make you feel discontent and insecure.
Add cream, brown, or beige to add class and sophistication. Others will take you more seriously.

More on Colors...
As for the most erotic colors you can wear to tantalize your date--black, dark purple, deep maroon, forest green, blazing red, and navy blue inspire the most sensual passion.

Colors certainly have a greater impact on our lives than most people realize. Not only should you consider how the colors you wear will affect other's perceptions about you, but you should also consider the colors around you, namely the colors in your home. If you have a lot of red in your kitchen for instance, the people who sit at your table are more likely to argue, since red inspires irritability and anger. Red is also a color to limit in areas where sibling rivalry is a factor.
What's more, red inspires hunger as well irritability. So if you have a lot of red in your home, your family may want to eat more--not a good thing for people on diets.

Another color to go easy on in your home is blue. Too much blue causes depression.

"Color Guide," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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