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He Noticed Me...

He doesn't notice me,
but then again he might.
He may have glanced my way
and glimpsed love's light.
He may have awoken early
on an unusually bright day,
and remembered the time
that he passed my way.
Maybe I'm just dreaming,
but he put a spark
in my heart
that's always gleaming.
I'm so taken by his smile
and his many charms,
that I can't stop imagining
being wrapped in his arms.
I'm certain that nothing
could compare to the bliss
that I'd find in his touch
and in his soft kiss.
And so I'll stay here a while
and feign necessity,
in hopes that someday he'll turn
and find his way to me.

"He Noticed Me," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Could Be, original Composition, (c) 1991 by Andy Klapwyk"