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Grandma's House...

Grandma's house
was plain and small,
not much fancy
there at all;
no velvet curtains,
no marble floors,
yet there was something
more precious
beyond the door--
an endless wealth
of laughter there,
and a warmth
that comes from
hearts that share,
a smile that held
understanding and love,
and hands that could fix
any ill dreamed of.
Though there was
no crystal,
no silver,
or gilt,
the house held
all the comfort of a
soft old quilt,
for Grandma kept
it cozy and warm,
a place of shelter
from every storm.
And though Grandma's house
was not fancy at all,
it's the house that I
love most of all.

"Grandma's House," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Kwiet, original Composition, (c) 1991 by Andy Klapwyk"