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 Beneath the Sun...



Upon the soft grass
next to a field,
my greatest desire
was revealed,
filling my heart
with a romantic song,
that I've cherished
my whole life long.
For I used to dream
on that hillside
beneath the sun
long ago,
that someday I'd
meet someone
like you,
my true love,
the only one.
Swallows would sing
from the trees,
and the leaves would rustle
against the gentle breeze,
but my thoughts
would be,
upon a lifetime of love
for you and me.
That dream haunts me still,
of a love so fine and true.
I never thought I'd live
my most treasured dream
until the day I met you.

"Beneath the Sun," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Copyright 2001 PassionUp and its licensors

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