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Here In My Heart...

I dreamed about you,
and your sweet kiss,
and when I awoke,
I yearned to touch you,
but I couldn't...

I saw us strolling
along my street where
the maples had
turned crimson,
and I wanted to
point out their
beauty to you,
but I couldn't...

I struggled through
a stressful day,
wishing I could
see your smile,
hear your voice,
feel your reassuring touch,
but I couldn't...

I sat on the couch,
yearning to talk to you,
to share the happenings
of the day,
to feel your hand
curve so perfectly
and smoothly into mine,
but I couldn't...

And before I
went to sleep,
I wanted to hold you
and love you,
and tell you
how much I love you,
but I couldn't...
because you're
so far away.

But I will always
keep you here
in my heart.

"Here In My Heart," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Crying, (c) 2003 by Bobette Bryan"