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Golden Memory of Us...

There was never
a summer like
the one when
I met you,
one brief moment
in time,
yet a golden
memory that will
shine forever.
I can still see
the sun shimmering
on your skin,
lighting a smile
that left me weak.
I leaned into
your every word,
as if they
were holy,
finding grace
in everything
about you.
The world faded
around me until
all I could see
was you,
and suddenly,
I abandoned everything
that I ever dreamed,
and ever wanted to be,
because I realized
that I only wanted
to be with you forever.

I still feel that way,
and you still have
the power to move me,
and make each moment
of my life wonderful!

"Golden Memory of Us," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Dimensions, Original Composition, (c) 2003 by Bruce Deboer.
Used with permission."