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Next to God...


I yearn for
the sanctity
of the mountains,
to go where
only the wind
has gone,
to worship the beauty
of earth
from above,
watch the rays
break through
the clouds at dawn.
There, I could
sleep on high,
nestled in nature's breast
each night,
close enough
to the stars
to touch their light.
Up there on
the top of the world,
I'd make my
own mark,
walk my own trail,
and garner enough
inner strength
to withstand
the fiercest gale.
How I yearn to
scale the
mountain's heights
and stand
where no man
has trod,
up there
on the summit,
next to God.


"Next to God," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003


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Music: "Winter White, Original Composition, (c) 2003 by Bruce De boer.
Used with permission."