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Let Her Go...


I let her garden go.
In the neat little beds,
I let the weeds grow.
They climbed over bricks
and roamed gray rocks
to entwine the daisies
and hollyhocks.
And yet from the window,
I can still see,
the lilies in bloom
and the bright peonies.
I can picture her nurturing
each delicate stem--
can still see her,
moving over them.
The beauty she planted
still lives in trails of moss
just as my love for her
has not diminished
with loss.
And yet,
I know...
that I must
let her go.


"Let Her Go," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004


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Music: "Angel Eyes (Maddie's Lullaby) , (c) 2003 by Bruce De boer.
Used with permission."