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Office Animal Quiz...

Instructions: While at work, answer the questions below, but answer them only in your mind so that no one in the office can possibly access this confidential information. For instance, if you feel that your boss is a swine, and you likely do, it wouldn't be wise to reveal such thoughts.

Ready? Begin!

1. Think of your boss. What kind of animal is he or she?

2. Think of someone else who's high up in the company. What kind of animal is he or she?

3. Think of the person who works the closest with you. What kind of animal is he or she?

4. Think of someone you like at work. What kind of animal is he or she?

5. Think of yourself. What kind of animal are you?

6. How does the animal in question #5 differ from the animal in question #1?

7. How are the first two animals alike or different?

8. If you put all of these animals together, what would happen? Think carefully about this one.

9. Would any of the animals get eaten?

10. Who is the most beautiful animal?

11. Who is the scariest animal?

12. Which animal is the most stable out of the bunch?

13. What should be done with the animal in question #1?

What does this all mean?
Click here to find out!

" Office Animal Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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