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Revealing Quiz...

Here's a quiz that will reveal some great truth about you. Please thoroughly follow the instructions before you begin.

Instructions: Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Sit up straight in your chair. Good posture is important. And concentrate as you take the quiz. Begin by following the list below; however, before you do, carefully read the whole list through.

1. Take note of the time and write it on your paper.
2. Draw a circle.
3. Draw little eyes on the circle.
4. write your name three times below the circle.
5. What's 6 multiplied by five? Write it below your name.
6. Write the name of your country at the top of the paper on the left side. Next to it, write the name of another country.
7. Draw an arrow anywhere on the page.
8. What's your favorite color? Draw a cloud next to the circle with eyes and write the word inside the cloud.
9. Are you happy or sad? Draw a frown or a smile on the circle with eyes.
10. Draw an X anywhere on the page.
11. Draw an O next to the X. Next to that, write "I Love You," and then add a name.
12. Draw two lines that intersect.
13. Draw a simple little puppy next to the circle with eyes.
14. Draw a stick body on the circle.
15. Draw five wavy lines on the right side of the page.
16. Add a simple butterfly to your picture--wherever you chose.
17. Write a word off the top of your head at the bottom of the page.
18. How does this word relate to you? Write five words to describe the relationship above the word.
19. Draw another circle.
20. Draw a nose inside the circle.
21. Draw a line to the other circle with eyes.
22. Disregard steps 1 through 21. Write, nothing on your paper. You're finished. Put your pen down and click on the link below to find out what this test revealed about you.

What does this all mean?
Click here to find out!

"Revealing Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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