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Absolutely Divine...

Our love is so great
that no words can define it,
no poet can write it,
no artist can design it.
It's a miracle beyond
mortal conception,
the closest thing
to true perfection.
It's brighter than
the heavens above
and holds more beauty
than I ever dreamed of.
It's about so much more
than mere fascination,
arriving with the promise
of lifelong duration.
It speaks with the heart--
never with the mind.
It's ever unselfish,
patient, and kind.
It always gives
much more than it takes,
and never quits,
never forsakes.
It's never harsh,
and never deceiving.
It's a faith in the heart
that's worth believing.
It's far grander and deeper
than I could define--
our love is absolutely divine.

"Absolutely Divine," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "Romantica, Copyright 1998-2003 by David Lovell.
Original Composition by Manuel M. Ponce "