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The Birds Sing...

Misty world robbed of slumberous night,
magical by the morning light;
White clouds swimming in blue on high,
Sun raining down with meandering eye,
Radiance dancing through velvet grass,
Primrose blushing like a coy lass,
Buds opening on each maple and willow,
Apple blossom, a lady bug's pillow,
Silver stream, nature's sparkling gem;
Kissed by God, the parent stem,
Tulips perk and give their praise
To the splendid morning rays;
Wind sweeps in with a soft call,
Sharing the lilac's perfume with all;
Butterflies stretching newfound wings--
For these simple things, the birds sing.

"The Birds Sing," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "Sonata 5, Arrangement and sequencing by Bobette Bryan, Original Composition by Mozart"