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Success is Near...

Look back upon the
road you traveled
and visited yesterday,
and you'll see that
each mistake
helped you find the way.
You stumbled
and you fell
and you wandered in the night,
but it took all of that
for you to get it right.
There are no shortcuts;
we all must err and fail
if we're to reach the stars
at the top of the hill.
And in each misstep,
and in each bit of pain,
we later find that
there was something to gain.
For when the mold we've shaped
suddenly breaks,
all we are becomes like new,
and something in the soul wakes.
Then a light shines ahead,
making the way clear,
and we find in our next step
that success is near.

"Success is Near," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "Lament, (c) 2004 by Bruce De boer.
Used with permission."