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You Can Endure

You can endure,
because you are strong.
Even feeling what you're feeling now,
you can get through this moment.
You can make it through the day and the night.
The sunshine seems so far away,
but tomorrow shines bright.
And you can endure
all the pain you're feeling.
You'll get past this moment of despair.
You just need this time of healing.
And you will endure,
because you have faith,
and because you're strong.
You know that this darkness
can't last your whole life long.
It's difficult to see it now,
but there are happy days ahead,
days when the sun will shine
where the darkness led.
And you'll hear the birds sing again.
And you'll see the beauty of each sunset
and each sunrise,
then you'll thank God that you're alive,
and you'll know that you've endured,
because you are strong.

"You Can Endure," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "Slow Dance, by Bobette Bryan, 2004