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He Found Life...

She was there when he died.
She learned that dying
is a process,
no faster or easier
than birth.
She was there
through the signs and false
indications that death
was at hand.
She was there through
each contraction
and each bit of pain.
Going out is not
a singular or simple thing.
And she was there
on an adventure
unlike any other
that she had ever traveled.
She was there when
he closed his eyes
and took his last breath.
And though her tears
fell heavy,
she had held his hand
and touched eternity,
and in so doing,
she'd touched
God's hand.
And for the briefest moment,
the love she felt
for all things
revisited her.
And even through grief,
she knew that she
had witnessed a
beautiful miracle,
not an end,
but a birth;
for he was home
at last.
In his passage of death,
he'd found life.

"He Found Life," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "Requiem aeternam, original Composition by Mozart, music by M.Salvi, (c) 2004
by Classical Archives.
Used with permission."