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Given to Love...

From the time we're born,
we're given to love;
it sings in the tall grass,
in the acorns,
in the wind
on a summer day,
on every leaf,
falling so gently
to the ground.
We chase after it in wonder,
seeing it shining
on the moon.
We touch it briefly
on the soft petals
of a tulip.
But of all of my loves,
I love you most of all,
because you've given the gift
of love back to me.
You have shown me how to explore
and taste the world again;
you've helped me rediscover
the miracle of a butterfly's
gently fluttering wings.
I awake and rejoice each dawn,
the earths' resplendent beauty
after the first snow.
I pause and remember my blessings
when the lilacs poke
their heads out of the icy earth
and when the birds return
from their travels with song.
You have caught
the laughter in the wind
and put it in my hands,
and in so doing,
you've given me back my youth.

"Given to Love," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "By the Sea by Frederico Chueica. Sequenced by David Lovell"