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Phase of Life Quiz...

Our lives inevitably change like the seasons, and we continually find ourselves in a whole new phase of existence. Sometimes, this change comes from within; sometimes, it's brought about by circumstance and external forces. Each phase, just as everything in our lives, arrives with positive and negative aspects, and yet each ultimately serves a purpose, which is to help us grow and become all that we can be. Find the phase of life that you're currently in by taking the test below. Get tips to help you make the most of the present and to make the transition smooth on the road ahead.

1. Lately it seems like you'd spent a lot of time...
  Doing the routine or ordinary.
  Thinking about the past.
  Searching for something new and interesting.
  Working and trying to get ahead.

2. Presently, you'd say you're...
  Generally content.
  Wondering who I am, and if I've made the right choices.
  Wanting more from life.
  For the most part, very satisfied with life.

3. The last time that you did something enjoyable outside of work was:
  A Week Ago
  Over a week ago

4. During the past year, your religious beliefs have...
  Remained the same.
  Grown much deeper and stronger.
  I don't know; I haven't thought about religion much.
  Taken a back seat to other things in my life.

5. Regarding friends and a social life, you would say that...:
  My social life hasn't changed much during the past year.
  I haven't been in touch lately. I've had a need to be alone.
  I want to meet new people and have more friends than ever.
  I've been too busy to socialize much beyond work.

6. Picture yourself on an amazing new invention, a miraculous machine that can magically transport you to your dreams and the happiest time in your life. Which direction will it take you?
  The machine stands still. It doesn't work.
  Backward before it eventually moves forward.
  It must go in all directions before I can decide.
  Full steam ahead!

7. Your main goal in life right now is...
  Survival. Getting from one day to the next.
  Understanding myself better.
  Successfully finishing a new course of study.
  Accomplishment. Success.

8. If you could shake off anything in your life, it would be:
  Other's criticism and lack of faith in me.
  The underlying threat of failure or not living up to what I hope to accomplish.

9. You see yourself as:
  A has been or a will be.
  A dreamer.
  A doer
  A conqueror.

10. You're most like:
  An autumn leaf.
  A glowing candle.
  A bird in flight.
  A shining star.

11. If your life were a body of water, which would it be?
  A pond, peaceful and serene.
  An ocean, deep and tempestuous
  A stream, gently flowing yet ever claiming new ground.
  Rapids, fast and somewhat dangerous.

12. If I said the word hope, you'd say:

13. If given a choice, you would rather spend the day...

14. Currently, you live for...
  No special reason. Because I exist.
  The people and things I love.
  what's just around the corner--my hope for tomorrow.
  The fulfillment of my dreams.

15. What's the most important thing to accomplish in life?
  Getting from point a to point b.
  Spiritual and mental growth that will allow me to bring my best to the fore.
  Growth through trying new things, going new places, and meeting new people.
  Power, money, and job success.

16. If this time of your life had a color, what would it be?
  Gray, white, or black
  Blue, green, and brown.
  Yellow, gold, purple.
  Screaming red, orange, or fuchsia.

17. You are most haunted by...
  issues from the past.
  the long road ahead.
  what tomorrow will bring.

18. You have a week off of work, what would you do?
  I'd stay at home and do the things I do every day.
  I'd take a nostalgic trip, visit the place where I grew up or a place that was special to me.
  I'd go somewhere I've never been, possibly on a whim.
  I'd get caught up in my work.

19. You see yourself...
  through a vacuum.
  through your own eyes.
  through other's eyes.
  through your accomplishments.

20. You would say that overall, on most days, you...
  like yourself.
  don't understand yourself.
  believe you can do it.
  admire yourself and what you've achieved.

Your Score

Find the phase of life that you're currently in by cross indexing your score on the chart below.

If the java script doesn't work for you. Total your score by giving yourself 1 point for every first answer you checked, 2 points for every second answer, 3 points for every third answer, and 4 points for every fourth answer.
It means...
0 to 34 You're in a Neutral Phase of life that's similar to winter. You're sitting back by the fire and watching the snowflakes gently fall, while nothing much is happening.

Sometimes it may seem like your life has stagnated or isn't moving or changing at all. This could be because you've recently hit the culmination of a goal that you worked hard for or are simply in an in-between state of being, not knowing which direction you want to travel next.

Most of the time, you don't care that nothing major is happening in your life, and you find contentment through the routine and the things you've always enjoyed. Sometimes you wish for much more, but at present, you're willing to patiently wait and dream occasionally. You have no great drive to seek out something new right now. You're just kicking back and going with the flow.

This phase can occur at any time in life and is usually brought about when change doesn't arrive rapidly and we get used to and comfortable with our every day routine. It can also come about when we get frustrated by some major event in our lives and we throw up our hands and walk away, having a need to stand back and let the situation cool.

We must all go through this phase of life just as we must all experience the four seasons. This phase is a necessary and positive period, a time of needed rest, reflection, and a lessening of stress and inner conflict.

Unfortunately, this phase can also eventually bring about boredom and despair when we feel that our lives aren't moving or that we're not making progress. An example is a retired person who suddenly has too much time on his or her hands, or someone who just graduated from high school and doesn't know where to go from there, or someone who lost a job and doesn't know what career field to go into.

If you remain in this phase for very long, life and opportunity could indeed pass you by. Be sure to keep your eyes open. You never know when a new boat may arrive at your shore, bringing unexpected excitement.

Don't lose hope and let despair rule you. It's important for you to remember that each phase of life is transient. Life inevitably changes and yours will change again. Something new will arrive that could launch you directly into the action phase. It's important for you to keep busy. Involve yourself in a new project, or a new course of study. You're never too old to learn something new.

This phase sometimes overlaps the Introspective Phase. It's usually followed by the Explorative phase; though it can occasionally be followed by the action phase when something new and dramatic happens in one's life to upset the normal flow.

35-49 You're in the Introspective Phase of your life. You've walked through the autumn woods, and now you're sitting in the grass by the water's edge, taking in the beautiful mountains in the distance. You're deep in thought, somewhat overwhelmed by the magnitude and beauty of life and searching within for answers and direction.

You seem to be studying your life from every angle, but you have a tendency to let your thoughts drift to the past, both good and bad. A major event from then is still with you, and you're trying to resolve it internally before you can move on. You're asking the big questions: "Why do I exist?" "What purpose do I have?" "What brought me to this place?".

You're wondering if you could have done something different. At the same time, you're wondering what the future holds and if you've made the right choices, and whether you're currently on the right path. Your intuition is at an all time high, and you're more spiritual than ever.

You will never have all of the answers, but you will learn something great about yourself. This is a deep phase of existence and a necessary one. We must all stop and look back at where we've been in order to move forward. This phase brings about great personal growth and healing, and we emerge from it stronger and wiser.

What brought this phase on? A great change, discontentment, a period of stagnation, or even great loss or tragedy can put one in this state of mind.

It may appear to onlookers that your life isn't moving--that you're going nowhere fast, that you have no direction, but that's far from true. You're healing and moving mountains within.

You must make sure; however, that you don't let yourself dwell on the negative aspects of the past or mistakes you've made. As you look within, look for the good things and the happy memories. You'll need this inner fuel to catapult you to the next phase and to help you do your best. Positive thinking can get you to the action or Explorative phase quicker. Also, don't get so into yourself that you overlook others around you. Others still need you, your love, your friendship, and your insight.

This phase is generally followed by the Action or Explorative Phase.

50 to 64 You're in the Explorative Phase of life. You're traveling to a new and distant land, thrilling to every bud you find, wanting to meet new people, experience new things. The weather is warm, the sun is bright, and you're happy as you explore. You want change. You're hungry for something new, to learn, and grow far beyond what you ever imagined. You want your life to take on a whole new direction, and you feel that you're the captain of your ship in control of the wheel.

You're looking outward more so than within, because you feel that at this point in your life, growth can only come from a combination of external forces, determination, and hard work. You're certain that life has much to offer, that there are many wonderful things out there waiting for you. You just have to find them, and, luckily, getting there is part of the fun.

And you will succeed, because you're on a mission to become a better you, and you will emerge from this phase stronger and wiser, and ready to take on the world.

Many things can lead someone to this phase--discontentment, coming into contact with something new and eye-opening, meeting someone special, healing after a period of grief or loss.

Your biggest obstacles are external resistance and a lack of support. Some may see you as a fool, traveling paths that were never meant for your feet, and they won't mind telling you so. "What? You're going to take up belly dancing?" "I don't think you were meant to be a dentist!" "You just don't have what it takes to write a screen play." "Piano lessons? At 40?" "You must have flipped!" That's okay; let them believe what they will. Your belief in yourself is strong enough to make up for their lack of faith in you. And though it's true that some paths will lead you no where, a few will take you to what you seek--your heart's contentment, and that's all that matters. Besides, even false leads will bring about growth.

This phase of life leads to the Action phase.

65 to 80 You're in the Action Phase of existance, the phase that we're all striving for whether we know it or not. You're on the ocean, surfing and conquering the waves, the sun is bright and beating down upon you, and you thrive beneath the warmth. There's a lot happening all at once, all around you, and you're the driving force of all of the energy. You seem like a whole new and improved you. You took a new direction and it led you to this place, and now, you're marching ahead with self-assurance, dedication, making the most of it all. You know exactly what you want, and you're in the process of claiming the trophy for your own. There seems to be an inner voice driving you and an endless amount of energy that's keeping you fueled for success.

Your mind is sharp, and you're at your very best. You're the envy of others. You've pushed hard and overcome obstacles. And now that this change has come, you'll never be the same again.

We must all go through this phase. This is the phase in which great change and progress comes about in our lives. Some examples are taking on new job and giving it our all, going back to school and excelling in our studies, throwing ourselves into some major project or a new business, making a major move, getting married, dedicating ourselves to something, or realizing a dream come true.

Unfortunately, as good as it all seems, this phase arrives with negative aspects as well, including increased responsibility. Your biggest frustration at this time is getting all the parts to fit perfectly into the whole. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for all you hope to do and achieve. You must take some time out for you and beware of working or pushing yourself too hard, for it can lead to burn out or becoming a workaholic. You could also overlook the spiritual and introspective part of you, which could lead to a decline in morality. You can conquer this aspect by reading fiction or inspirational material, listening to music, strolling the woods, getting together with friends.

And don't forget those you love. You're the boxer in the ring and you can only see your opponent. People are all around you, but can only vaguely hear their voices, because you are so focused on gain and victory. You must snap to and remember that it's easy to get caught up in your dream and overlook other's needs. So don't put love and relationships low on your list of priorities or it could ultimately lead to loss. In addition, if you neglect your heart, you may not like who you've become once this phase is over and you'll have to spend a lot of time "finding" yourself all over again.

Keep in mind too that though you're the envy of others, some people will be jealous of you, seeing you as a threat and will be out to take away all you've gained, which can lead to false friends and hidden enemies.

And then, just below the surface always lies your own fear of failure or of things reversing in a way that won't be in your favor.

This phase will be followed by the Neutral or Introspective phase.

"Phase of Life Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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