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Cartoon Character Quiz...


If you were a famous cartoon character which one would you be?  Find out with the quiz below.

1. You suddenly have a month off of work. You would most likely--
  Catch up on everything you're behind on.
  Be persuaded to take a vacation that you didn't enjoy.
  Lay out in the sun, Pina Colada in hand.
  I wouldn't know what to do with myself.
  Eagerly set out on a new adventure.

2. If you came upon a beautiful flower in the woods, you would:
  Just admire its beauty.
  Accidentally step on it.
  Probably wouldn't notice it.
  Purposefully step on it.
  Pick it to give to someone special.

3. A Beautiful sunset would make you.
  Feel like singing.
  Make you regret what you didn't accomplish that day.
  Make you want to curl up for an early nap.
  Plan and scheme for the next day.
  Think about the one you love.

4. To you, two of the most important qualities one can have is:
  Honesty and Kindness
  Thoughtfulness and Willingness
  An ability to relax and to enjoy all life has to offer.
  Getting ahead and making yourself heard.
  Courage and Integrity.

5. You would be most at home in...
  A cozy little getaway in the woods
  An ordinary house
  A large house with servants
  A elegant mansion
  A castle.

6. If someone close to you was in trouble, you would immediately--
  Call for the cavalry
  Think the problem over
  Search for a solution
  Act first; think last
  Rush to the rescue

7. Others could most accurately call you...
  Slow to catch on, but eager

8. You consider yourself:
  A giver
  A buffoon
  A genius
  A taker
  A defender

9. You're most like...
  A soft, warm petal.
  A crazy quilt, warm but oddly put together.
  A log, slowly burning in the fireplace.
  A red banner waving beneath the clouds of white.
  A shining piece of metal beneath the sun.

10. Your spirit would be most lifted by:
  Mental growth and achievement
  Rest and relaxation
  Money and power, and more money and more power.
  Complete victory

11. Your absolute favorite thing to do requires:
  Using your mouth
  Using your hands
  Using your stomach
  Using your brain
  Using your brawn

12. You are most haunted by
  Other's perceptions of you
  Your inability to make a good decision
  The fear of missing a meal
  Why everyone around you is so deep.
  Your weakness

13. If you took a trip, you'd rather go...
  Some place relaxing and beautiful such as a beautiful beach.
  To the country to take in nature and go horseback riding
  I'd rather stay home
  Only the big city would do. I crave excitement!
  A place with mountains and rapids.

14. You would see a beautiful rainbow as...
  A sign of good things to come
  Something I'd bump into if given half a chance
  Something to inspire dreams
  A purely scientific phenomena
  Something unreachable, but I'd strive to reach it anyway.

15. When times are tough, it's best to:
  Smile--things will get better.
  Stand back and give the situation time to work itself out
  Go to bed and forget it
  Find a way out
  Confront the situation head on and give it your best fight

16. Which most accurately describes you. You are not afraid or hesitant to...
  Love deeply and completely
  Give life your best shot
  Use your brain to get what you want
  Try something new
  Take the world on your shoulders in order to meet a goal

17. If you found a wallet full of money in the park, and you have no idea who it belongs to, though you've searched, you would:
  Donate it to charity.
  Not know what to do with it
  Keep it and party.
  Keep it and invest it.
  Find the rightful owner if it's the last thing I do.

18. You would love to live to 100 years old or more so that you could...
  Be with those you love.
  Accomplish something you're proud of.
  Do all the things you love.
  See one of your passions come true.
  Make the world a better place to live in.

19. You put a painting on the wall directly across from your bed so that you can lay there each night and think about the image as you drift into sleep. What is the picture of?
  A nature scene with mountains, butterflies, birds, and flowers
  A relaxing domestic scene with a little house.
  A busy Mediterranean cafe lots of people, talk, and food
  A bustling city scene to inspire you for tomorrow
  The one you love

20. One of your greatest faults is:
  Being overly trusting and optimistic
  Not seeing things for what they really are
  Lacking willpower
  Wanting too much and easily becoming bored
  Rushing ahead without making a plan or thinking something out.

Your Score

It means...
0 to 35 You're Snow White
You often hide your tears behind a smile.  You seem so laid back and calm, but the truth is, you have a tempest brewing inside you, and a secret that could shock others in your world. You also have great inner strength though you sometimes appear weak.

You're kind and caring. You love deeply and completely. You're truly good to a fault, a great friend and a good listener.
And though it sometimes seems like you're dedicated fully to self-sacrifice, you have some big dreams of your own.  In fact, you know exactly what you want, and you spend a lot of time contemplating it, and you're always optimistic that you'll get it in the end. 

You enjoy being with others--you don't like to be alone, and you're always willing to lend a hand where needed. You get the greatest joy out of the simple things in life, rather than from wealth and power, and one of your greatest dreams has always been to find someone special to spend the rest of your life with. 

Your weaknesses are:  not seeing things for how they really are at times, having your head in the clouds,  and being too trusting. Beware of scams and bad investments.  Don't accept everyone's word at face value.  And by all means, remember that dreams will only take you so far.  You've got to take some action to actually reach them. And share your inner feelings with others.  You may not realize it, but someone can help you.

36-51 You're Goofy.

You're stable and dependable, often predictable. You're a great parent, and a good friend.  You're always kind and friendly to others.

You like to do things a certain way, and if the routine or norm is suddenly changed, you feel like a fish out of water. Sometimes you feel like, no matter what you do, you can't find the right answer or best direction to take, and then you take a step forward and realize that the answer you sought was always there to begin with--right inside of you.

Even knowing so, you sometimes get frustrated and feel that you continually bungle things. The truth is that you're way too hard on yourself.  You're your greatest critic.  While others are looking up to you with admiration, you're beating yourself up.

And your lack of faith in yourself is your greatest weakness. You must remember that despite a slow start, you always make tremendous progress and in the end, you always find a way to reach your goal. Your greatest asset is your ability to keep going despite the odds and your determination to give any task your best shot.   You're not the type who gives up easily. Far from it.  You're willing to work hard to get what you want, and as a result you will find great rewards in life that others can only dream of.

Your faults are overlooking the obvious, coming to the wrong conclusion too early in the game, and proceeding too rapidly before a good plan is made.  But your biggest fault of all is forgetting just how special you are.



52 to 67 You're Garfield.

Let's face it, you would rather lay out in the sun and enjoy life any old day than pound the cement. You think those who exercise are fools.  Those who count calories are idiots.  And why in the world would someone work toward something, when it's so fun to work toward nothing!  You think life is meant to be lived to the fullest and that means enjoying each moment. You live for pleasure, for good food and good fun, and you get grumpy if someone or something stands in the way of what you want to do.

You believe that your philosophy and lack of drive has never hurt you.  For even when you find yourself caught up in some kind of uncomfortable situation, you always manage to think yourself out of it, for you're incredibly clever.  And you can be so loveable when you want to be.

Your greatest fault is your lack of willpower.  Fortunately, you can press yourself to move when you absolutely need to and then you're amazed to find yourself a  foot ahead.  Sometimes you should strive to push a little harder. 

68 to 83 You're Donald Duck.

You're temperamental, capable, intelligent, and often, egotistical. Though your mind is very sharp, sometimes you rush ahead or lash out too quickly without thinking things out or allowing things to cool off, and you find yourself in a mess as a result.  That doesn't prevent you from having big dreams, and from trying.  And despite failure, you've shown again and again that you come through in the end, and you're certain that you can make your biggest dreams come true someday. You just never quit, believing in yourself even when others would walk away in defeat. You're strong and determined to a fault; though quick to come to a conclusion--often one that's unfounded.

You must remember to take time to think a matter over, and strive  to not be overly judgmental. If you do these two things, you'll get much further faster, and make some new friends as well. 

And by all means, keep hoping, dreaming, and trying to achieve. You have the means to accomplish so much and you know it.

84 to 100 You're Prince Charming

You're ever courageous, noble and strong. You're not only willing to take the world on your shoulders, but you often do. You're the one who's always most likely to throw yourself into a battle and take on a cause. Sometimes it seems like you're fearless in your desire to get what you want. What people don't see enough of is your human and emotional side.  Show them your heart occasionally. Let them know that it's still beating.

Your faults are the likelihood of becoming a workaholic and foolishly rushing ahead, when you should have stopped, looked around and taken the time to think the matter over.  You should do some research before you leap.  Stand back and appraise the situation before you draw your sword for action.  And by all means, take a vacation occasionally. Even conquerors need a break!

"Cartoon Character Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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