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Color Of Your Heart Quiz...


What's the color of your heart? Is it black, blue, or a healthy red? Find out with the quiz below.

1. You believe that your dreams...
  What dreams?
  I've lost my dreams.
  They may come true, but I don't know what I want yet.
  Some will come true--some won't. I accept that.
  I have a firm belief that my important dreams will come true

2. You can honesty say that you like yourself.
  I like who I used to be better.
  Yes. I guess so.
  Yes. I like myself very much.
  No--I love myself.

3. You treat people you meet...
  I'm not very social. I don't like people much.
  With caution. I proceed slowly until I know them better.
  With an open mind, not knowing what to expect.
  I'm kind and polite to most people I meet.
  I'm kind and polite to all I meet, and I spare judgment.

4. Have you ever been in love?
  No, and I don't believe in true love.
  Yes, and it hurt me very deeply.
  I don't think so.
  Yes, and it came with good and bad. I accept that.
  Yes, and it's beautiful.

5. Has anyone ever hurt you?
  No. I most typically hurt others.
  Yes, and I'll never forget it.
  Only on a minor scale.
  Yes, but I got over it.
  Yes, but I got over it and grew from the experience.

6. Think of the weather. What immediately popped into your mind?
  Snow, cold, frigid wind.
  Endless rain and gray skies.
  Warm springlike weather, but with a threat of rain.
  Sunny and warm.
  A beautiful sunny day with a rainbow in the sky.

7. Do you have a pet?
  I don't like animals.
  I lost a pet I loved, and I'm not ready for another.
  I've been thinking about getting one.
  Yes, I have a beloved pet.
  Yes, I have more than one, and they're like children to me.

8. Have you ever made a mistake?
  I believe the answer is no. What's more, I regret nothing.
  Yes, and I regret it every day of my life.
  Yes, but nothing major.
  Yes. We all make mistakes. I don't lose sleep over it.
  Yes. We all make mistakes, but I got over it, moved on, and learned from it.

9. In your mind, tomorrow is...
  Just another day.
  Dark and overcast.
  An open book.
  You never know what it will bring.
  A blessing, and I'm determined to make the most of it.

10. About the things that hurt you in the past...
  I've closed my heart to them.
  I often dwell on them.
  I've had no major wound or heartache.
  I think of them occasionally, but, I've gotten over such things.
  They don't weigh me down. I've forgotten, forgiven, and/or moved on.

11. You exist...
  Because I do.
  Because I must.
  to learn and grow.
  Because I'm alive, and I'm glad I am.
  Because I'm blessed, and I want to make the most of each day.

12. You see your heart as:
  Mortally wounded.
  Healthy and open to the light.

13. You start each new day...
  It's just another day.
  With tears.
  With yearning.
  With optimism for the most part.
  With hope, appreciation, and optimism.

14. If you got minor bad news today, you would:
  Put it in the back of my mind. Not deal with it until I have to.
  Chuck it up to the typical. It would probably ruin my day.
  It depends on what it is. It could ruin my day.
  Take steps to deal with it. I doubt it would ruin the day.
  Take steps to deal with it and refuse to let it ruin the day.

15. You get the most joy in life from:
  Making waves, causing dissension.
  What joy?
  Learning something new about myself or finding direction.
  My family, friends, home and/or job.
  Many things, but most of all, from what I've given to others.

16. You love...
  I've never loved.
  I've loved, but I never will again.
  I don't know much about love.
  With all my heart--completely.

17. Someone offers you a job with greater pay and status, you:
  Are certain it's a mistake.
  Think it will only bring more pain.
  I'd feel uncertain about myself and my ability to do it.
  I would thank my lucky stars.
  I'd know that I deserved it through my effort and ability.

18. If a friend gave you some honest criticism, you would...
  Be angry. The friendship would be over.
  Be hurt more than angry. It would probably ruin the friendship.
  I'm not sure how I'd react.
  I'd consider what the friend said.
  I'd give it serious thought and refuse to let it hurt the friendship.

19. You realize that you have a false friend who did you dirty, you:
  Would be angry and resentful--may even seek revenge.
  I'd be so hurt that I'd be paralyzed. It would be hard to cope.
  I don't know what I'd do.
  I'd be hurt, but I'd move on and get over it eventually.
  A false friend isn't worth losing sleep over. I'd put it out of my mind and be thankful for my true friends.

20. If someone you know is heartbroken you'd:
  Make myself scarce. I'm no good at comforting another.
  I could try to comfort them but could offer no advice--after all, look at my own situation.
  I wouldn't know what to do.
  I'd be supportive, but I know that these things just take time to get over. There's little I could do.
  I'd be supportive, and, most of all, I'd listen, and try to get the person to redirect their goals.

Your Score

It means...
0 to 35 Your heart is black
Your heart is so filled with negativity that it won't let any love or light in. Perhaps you are terribly hurt or disappointed about something that happened to you in the past, and you never got over it. Or perhaps someone hurt you or you never felt loved. Whatever the reason, some darkness from the past is hovering over you and preventing you from appreciating all the best things that life has to offer. In addition, it's preventing you from becoming all that you can be.

Change must come from within, and you can only change by making small steps in a positive direction. Consider getting counseling. It will help you deal with whatever is troubling you. And redirect the wave of your thoughts by making a list of all the things you're thankful for each day. You'll be surprised about just how long that list is and soon, you'll have a greater appreciation for all you've taken for granted.

Go to the park, the country, the beach, or the woods. Take in the beauty that's all around you. Let it fill you, touch you, and heal you. Think about how good it feels to be alive. Read poetry, do some good deeds, get in touch with an old friend, or visit a relative. Do something you thoroughly enjoy. And the minute a negative thought enters your mind, counter it with two positive thoughts.

Before long, your heart will feel lighter and will turn from black to blue. And if you keep thinking positively, it will eventually turn to red. You can do it!
36-51 Your heart is blue.
Your heart is wounded, broken. You've suffered a major disappointment or heartbreak that you've not gotten over. Grief is normal following such a blow, and it's healthy to grieve. Just don't lock yourself into the blues and remain there forever. You can't let it rule your life and lock out all happiness. If you do, your heart will go from blue to black, and then it will be much harder to recover. Every day, you need to take some small steps toward healing. You can do so by getting some counseling--joining a grief recovery group perhaps. And you can do so by finding joy in the simple every day things. As in all things, change will ultimately come from you. You have to accept that yes this thing happened, but you're still alive and kicking, and though the worst came, it doesn't mean that the rest of your life must be miserable or without hope or happiness. Life holds so much more than this one event. You must seek joy again, and if you do, you'll find it, and eventually, it will turn your blue heart red again.

52 to 67 Your heart is green.
You're either uncertain about what you want out of life or you're very young and inexperienced. Or perhaps something happened that changed your way of thinking, and now you're like a child again--searching for who you are. At any rate, you're wanting to grow and move on with your life. Your heart truly is an open book, waiting to be written. You're seeking happiness and fulfillment. You must proceed, cautiously, however, for you could misread the signals and move too quickly and find yourself full of heartache that could be difficult to cope with.

Still your faith in yourself and in tomorrow is a good thing and will be your key to making progress. Keep your heart open, no matter what comes, and good things will come to you, turning your heart from green to red.

68 to 83 Your heart is red.
Your heart is warm, loving, and full of goodness. You know what you want from life, and you're aware of all that life can offer. Of course you've had your share of heartache and woe. Who hasn't? But you've moved ahead despite it and have reclaimed happiness. You make the most of each day, having faith in yourself. You deal with whatever obstacles come your way in a healthy and productive manner that brings about further growth. What's more, you like yourself and accept who you are. You believe in yourself and in your dreams, and you're destined to reap the rewards of tomorrow with this attitude. Yes, your future is bright indeed. And if things continue like this, your heart of red will turn into a heart of gold.

84 to 100 Your heart is gold.
You have the warmest heart of all--a heart of shining gold. It's so good that it glows. You love other people, and all living things, having a great respect and appreciation for all. What's more, you love yourself as well, and this inner warmth comes out in a positive way when you deal with others. You've suffered some blows, but you dealt with it and moved on. And you never lost faith. You believe in yourself and in your dreams, and because you do, you're destined for success. Each day is a blessing to you, and no matter what tomorrow brings, you're sure to make the most of it, finding much happiness in the truly important things.

"Color of Your Heart Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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