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Within Reach...

When worry comes
seek a haven in
sweet serenity.
Take a deep breath,
and let the beauty
of the sky soothe you,
draw peace from
every blade of grass.
Let the sounds
of the earth calm you.
Feel the steady beat
of your own heart,
and go deep within yourself.
Think about who you are
and where you came from.
Let a warm memory
fill your vision
until you can see
the colors
and feel the textures.
See the passion in
your true love's eyes,
hear the voice of
a dear friend,
remember the warmth of
a loved one who held your hand.
Let your worries go;
let them drift far beyond you.
Realize that you still
have all you need
and that you'll make it.
Everything you hope for
is within reach.

"Within Reach," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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