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Because of You...

Because of you,
I'm no longer lonely.
Because of you,
I no longer cry.
Because of you,
I can see the magic
of the stars on high.
Because of you,
the grass is greener;
the sky has never
been more blue.
Because of you,
my whole life
shines like new.
Because of you,
my heart is singing,
no room for sorrow or tears.
Because of you,
when darkness falls,
light is always near.
Because of you,
I feel young again,
and I'm letting hope reign.
Because of you,
I feel like singing
and dancing in the rain.
Because of you,
I'm filled with joy
and a radiant energy--
and all of this because of you
and what you mean to me.

"Because of You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Music: "To Your Love, original composition by Night Angel"