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 A Gift We Call Life...


Yellow butterflies flutter;
the old oak ever stands strong;
the sparrows on yonder branch
sing a cheery morning song.

Gently the grass sways;
red tulips dip and bob
as lady bugs scurry
to begin their daily job.

The sun paints the earth
in vibrant shades of gold,
a lasting trace is left upon
each iris and marigold.

All are part of the miracle
of a gift we call life.
With so much beauty all around,
there should be no room for strife.

So remember your many blessings
as you go about your day.
Nothing can darken the blue sky
if hope blooms in your heart today.

"A Gift We Call Life," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

Music: "Mazurka, Opera 33, no. 3," by Chopin
Photo by Bobette Bryan

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