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     Might Have Been...

Sometimes you're blue,
because you think
of all you might have been.
You ponder how your life
might be so much better,
if you could live it all over again.
You think of success
that could have been yours,
and you fret over all you've lost.
But you forget that
a different path
might have held a hefty cost.
So before you let
thoughts so unkind,
enter your heart
and cloud your mind,
let's add another thought
for your soul to nurse...
your life might have been
a whole lot worse.
The next time you're holding
your life in review
think of the many blessings
that were given to you.
Think of the heartache and sorrow
that you've been spared,
and the many ways that your life
has been touched
by those who've cared.
If you do, you'll never
waste a minute, feeling sad
about what you might have been
or might have had.

"Might Have Been," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Music: "Have Faith," Original Composition by Bobette Bryan
Photo: by Bobette Bryan

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