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     Online Venting Machine...

(Warning: this venting machine is for anger-releasing purposes only!
We accept no liability for any untold effects that may result from its use.
Try it at your own risk, knowing that there's no life guard on duty.
And please be aware that the outcome may be different each time you use it.)

Are you angry? Frustrated?
Are you at your wit's end,
your luck's end, or the rope's end?
Do you feel like a big rear end?
If so, here's your chance to vent
without getting arrested,
losing your job,
destroying your love life,
and, in general, doing something
so stupid that it could result in your
complete alienation
from society for the
rest of your life.

Just press the button
above, and you'll feel
much better!

"Online Venting Machine," Cartoon © Dan Reynolds.
Page design and text by Bobette Bryan, 2001.

Music: "The Machine," Original Composition by Bobette Bryan

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