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     A Cyber Prayer...

God answers every prayer,
so pass this prayer around and let the
love in your heart contribute some
healing power to those in need.

God, please help
the troubled,
the suffering,
the hungry,
and the heartbroken.
Ease the minds of those
who feel as if
there's no way to
break free from
despair and dejection.
Touch their hearts
with a renewed
enthusiasm for life.
Inspire those who have
failed to try again.
Take the suffering
into your warm hands
and infuse their body and soul
with strength and courage.
Cast your light upon
all the children of the earth
and put comfort where there's pain,
peace where there's worry,
joy where there's sorrow,
light where there's darkness.
Let all who tread the earth
know the healing power of
your love.

"A Cyber Prayer," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Music: "Blessed By An Angel," original composition by Bobette Bryan, 2001