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     Secluded Villa...

I like to dream about
spending a weekend
in a secluded hillside villa
with you.

Blue skies above us,
fragrant lavender in bloom,
berries lush on the vine,
I'd wrap you in my arms,
and make you glad
to be mine.

When the day softly fades
into twilight's stunning blue,
I'd strive to show you
the true meaning of romance,
when I lead you to the ballroom
for a sensual, slow dance.

And when midnight sheds
it's wealth of silver light,
we'd join before the fire,
and let heart and soul
take flight.


"Secluded Villa," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Music: "Mexico 7," Copyright 1989-2001, www.RomeoMusic.com

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