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     Color Test...


Colors offer great insight into a person's personality. As you grow older, you'll likely find that your favorite color has changed, because your personality has changed. Pick your favorite color below and find out what it means about you.



You're the lover.

You're passionate and sensual with a volatile personality. You like to be noticed. You're spontaneous, and sometimes you have incredible energy. Your interests are many and varied. You like to learn new things. You're occasionally extreme in your viewpoint or lifestyle.
Your will-power is amazing, and you are able to accomplish what would be impossible for others. You know how to stay focused when you have a goal in mind.

When it comes to romance, you sizzle.


You're the healer.

You like to take care of others and cure all woes. You feel best about yourself when you're contributing something to someone's life or aiding someone who needs you. You're easy-going and laid back, enjoying all life has to offer. Yet, you have the ability to accomplish much in life.

You adhere to your beliefs and have a high sense of morality. You appreciate freshness and originality, which is why your fascination with the fine arts is endless.

In romance, you're often the nurturer.


You're the naturalist.

You have a great appreciation for nature and for all life, and you would be comfortable living in conditions that others would rue.

You're all for peace. You hate conflict, and you try to avoid arguments. As a result, you may have a lot of inner tension which makes you moody. You also have a tendency to be secretive, and you feel that there's a place inside you which others can't touch. You like to erect barriers in order to protect yourself and your hidden emotions. You're uncomfortable when anyone tugs at this private part of your soul.

You have an eye for detail, and you see that which others would miss. This ability makes you good at problem solving.

Black can also indicate submission, a desire to be led rather than to lead.

In romance, black indicates submission.


You're the appraiser.

You're constantly examining life and every situation for meaning. You're creative, easy-going, gentle, and self-assured. You don't feel that you need to prove anything to the world.

You like to do things in an original way.

Though you may appear to be too focused on yourself, that's far from the truth. In reality, you're a caring person, a loyal friend, and you work well with others.

You favor a peaceful and calm environment.

Sometimes you're indecisive.

In romance, you're open-minded and willing to experiment.


You're the idealist.

You favor tranquility and peace. You like to relax and appreciate all life has to offer; however, you like things to be in order. More than likely, your home, is carefully organized.

You're uncomfortable about your deepest emotions, and you try to hide them. Often you avoid decision-making until necessary. Even then, you'll always question the decision you made and wonder if another course would have been better.

You have much will-power and a high possibility of reaching your goals as a result.

You are capable of persisting against all odds when you're determined to reach a goal. You're loyalty to any project is endless.

And regarding romance, you're affectionate and sensitive.


You're the spiritualist.

You're on a quest to do better, and become a better person. Though you sometimes get lost to material things, you look for spiritual connections in everything. You live a spontaneous life and have much energy.

You believe there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish, and that belief takes you far. And indeed, you're a unique individual with unusual, though sophisticated, taste.

Appreciating natural beauty, you enjoy being outdoors. You know how to relax, and you're comfortable with being yourself.
Normally, you work well with others, not only because you're relaxed and self-assured, but also because you're giving of yourself and ask for little in return.

You often keep your romantic side hidden.


You're the traditionalist.

You aren't into fads or styles. You're comfortable with who you are and your current belief system. You could be called a "well-rounded" person, as you're solid and reliable.

You're like nature and the outdoors, and you prefer a peaceful environment. You'd prefer a vacation to a quiet cabin in the woods rather than Vegas.

You're conservative, and you have a high sense of tradition. You like things to be orderly and well-organized. To others, you're warm and sensitive.

You dislike the bizarre, and prefer good old-fashioned romance.


You're the philosopher.

You're always searching for answers, ideas, or methods and you concentrate deeply. You're creative and original. You have an ability to overcome great obstacles that would stop others. If you stay focused, you're amazingly productive.

You're easy-going and enjoy the finer things in life. You have an appreciation for fine arts. You avoid confrontations when possible. You prefer peace to conflict. You have a cheery disposition, and you're optimistic.

In romance, you like to experiment.


You're the peacemaker.

You strive to make others happy. You're quiet, caring, intelligent, and eternally youthful. You're looking for bliss and kindness. You truly love everyone, and you always try to see the best in everyone, even finding explanations for other's faults.

You are, by all definitions, a great friend and life mate. You're very thoughtful and romantic.

Though others may think your productivity is below standard, in fact, you're hard-working. You just like to study problems thoroughly before you act. You never like to move into anything too quickly.

When it comes to romance, you're a tease.


You're the adventurer.

You like to try new things and explore. You learn best by doing.
You prefer a job that involves the outdoors. You hate being indoors, and long walks in the woods revives your spirit. You have an endless appreciation for your environment and animals, and you're ever on a quest to be more in touch with nature.

You're outgoing and friendly to everyone you meet, though you can quickly become a tiger if provoked. Helpful and caring, you're a good friend--though opinionated at times. You're always looking out for the underdog, ready to lend your assistance.

You're a good lover, highly passionate and willing to experiment.


You're the purist

You feel that you're pure and innocent no matter what you do, and you look at others critically--though that's not outwardly apparent to the person being observed.
You're dedicated to your beliefs, but you don't like to discuss them with others. You probably think that you're serving some higher purpose in life.

You detest anything that you feel is unclean.
As a result, you favor organization and your house could probably pass the white glove test.

At first you appear shy, but, in reality, you're outspoken. You're merely observing your environment and the people around you, before you make your thoughts known. In romance, you prefer tradition, and it takes a long time before you're comfortable with someone.

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"Color Test," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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