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     Singed Wings...

Sometimes you must be confused,
lost without a clue...
from all of the faces
I've shown to you.
And some days you must rue,
all of the changes
I've put you through.
It must be hard
to understand
that all four seasons
lie within my hand,
a tempest that no one
can tame
or command.

We both know it well;
that I'm your
heaven and your hell.
I'm the cold breath of winter,
the daisies in the spring,
the fire in your heart,
an angel with singed wings.
But my moods must get old;
I can appear so very
heartless and cold.
You must be relieved
when I reveal,
that my heart can truly
love and feel.

When I'm alone, I often cry.
I think about us,
and I feel so bad.
And I wonder how to show you
that you're the best thing
I've ever had.
I wish I could tell you
how much I care
and explain how good it feels
to know you're there.
And more than anything,
I wish I could be,
everything you've ever
wanted of me.

Remember when I'm
going to extremes
that no matter how
distant I seem,
you'll always be
my greatest dream.
I've never met
someone so caring and strong,
and I'll love you
my whole life long.
I'll always be here
with arms open wide,
your singed angel
with my softer side.

"Singed Wings," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Music: "A Hint of Heaven," Original Composition by Bobette Bryan.