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     Beauty's Bud In Bloom...

My Dear Love,

No pale flower, you.
Without a word, you move me
like beauty's scarlet bud in bloom.

You've conquered my mind,
your image a torrent of blissful fantasies
that smite, unseen,
my heart's hidden chords.

Your melodious voice
beckons in the night,
a summoner of light
that neither moon nor stars
can answer thus.

No torch upon the soul
could ignite a fire
to match this lover's flame.

You're unreal as a dream
yet life's full embodiment
like a heartbeat in the womb.

You're the essence of desire
upon the dark,
a fiery deluge
bursting forth in my hungry soul,
and I shall always love you.

"Beauty's Bud In Bloom," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Music: "Pachebel," by Johann Pachebel
Photo: by Bobette Bryan