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     My Special Angel...

Not all angels come
with unbent halos
and white wings.
An angel should
be measured
by the joy his
caring heart brings--
not by the strum of
the harp, but by
the way his smile makes
a heart sing.
And I just want you
to know
that I'll always think
of you as my
angel in white.
You've made my life better,
you've made the
world bright.
You shine like a
sparkling star,
guiding me in the
cold, black night.
I'll say a prayer for you,
and hope that much love
and happiness surrounds
you in all you do.

"My Special Angel," Cartoon © 2001, Dan Reynolds
Text and Page Design by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Music: "Precious Angel," Original Composition by Bobette Bryan