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My Dear Angel...

I thought you were lost,
out of touch,
just out of reach,
but you're right here beside me,
with many lessons to teach.
You need not utter a word
yet, upon the wind,
your voice is clearly heard.
You're a rustle of soft wings.
You touch me with hands unseen,
stirring warm memories and
conjuring thoughts so serene.
You hold me in the night
bringing hope to my heart
when no hope is in sight.
You dance on air with dainty feet,
white raiment streaming,
to stand silently above me
and watch over me
while I'm dreaming.
You've brought heaven to my soul,
with your gift of love and light,
and you'll ever be my warmth
on a cold and dreary night.
You're the embodiment of God's love.
You grasp immortality
in your tiny hand.
And it gives me great comfort
to know that your pure heart
is His to command.
You're the bearer of blessings,
a keeper of humanity,
and I bow before you
with respect and humility
for you're everything good
everything pure--
everything I could ever
hope to be.

"My Dear Angel," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Photo: Copyright Jenifer Conroy

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Music: "A Warm Breeze," original composition by Bobette Bryan, 2001.

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