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Being A Parent...

Being a parent is never easy,
though it's a role that I hold dear.
And sometimes I get stuck on the words
that I know you need to hear.
Often I'm plagued with worry,
wondering if you can see,
how much I love you,
how much you'll always mean to me.
You grew so fast;
it seems you're changing every day,
and soon, you'll go out in the world
to pave your own way.
So sometimes this old heart
simply knows no rest,
because I want to give you something
that will help you do your best.
And I fret over my answers,
every "yes" or "no,"
and I cry late at night,
because it's so hard to let you go.
I know I've made mistakes
that I could never mend,
but I'll always be here for you,
both your parent and your friend.

"Being A Parent," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Photo: Copyright Jenifer Conroy
Music: "Bright Sunrise," original composition by Bobette Bryan, 2001.