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Entertain Angels...

Be not afraid
to entertain strangers
for thereby some
have entertained angels unaware.

You're a visitor here.
You've traveled far
from your celestial home
in order to learn.

You can only grow spiritually
by planting the seeds of
heavenly love
in this paradise.

The seeds will sprout and grow
each time you greet
others with kindness.

And the buds will radiate warmth
whenever you offer
your support,
an ear,
and your understanding.

Treating everyone like a
friend and neighbor
will nurture your garden
until it blossoms.

Once in bloom,
the beauty of the many
seeds you've sown
will live in
your soul forever
with all of the glory of
an angel's hymn.

For your good deeds,
no matter how small,
pleases God.
And you never know
when you're in the
company of angels.

"Entertain Angels," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Music: "Entertain Angels," original composition by Bobette Bryan, 2001.

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