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A Happy Child...

A happy child glows as if
a candle were lit within,
the love radiating outward
and touching everyone.
Such a child stands out like
a daisy in a patch of weeds.
The reason for the bright eyes
and wide grin isn't difficult
to figure out, because a happy
child could only come from
a home where children are nurtured,
where love is freely given,
and where hope always sparkles
like a star in the gray sky.

Please take a moment
to say a prayer for all of
the children in the world,
and send this page to your friends
in hopes that the candle of
love and hope burns bright
in every child's heart today.

"A Happy Child," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Photo: copyright Jenifer Conroy

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Music: "Pray for the Children," original composition by Bobette Bryan, 2001.

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