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Angel Trivia Quiz...

Test your angel knowledge and earn a heavenly feather.

  1. Raphael is regarded as a healing angel.

    True False

  2. The only angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament is the Angel of Death.

    True False

  3. According to the Christian religion, there are seven divisions of angels.

    True False

  4. Angels are messengers of God.

    True False

  5. Michael is the highest ranking archangel.

    True False

  6. Angels don't have wings.

    True False

  7. Lucifer is considered a fallen angel.

    True False

  8. Cherubim are guardians of God's throne.

    True False

  9. A human can't become an angel.
    True False

  10. George Washington, first President of the United States, had an angel vision.

    True False

Finished? Click the button below for your score. Then see what your score means on the table below. If the form doesn't work with your browser, check the answers below and total your score by giving yourself one point for each true answer."

Your Score


0-4 There's much you could learn about angels. Obviously, you have an interest in the subject. Read the answers below to increase your knowledge. For good sportsmanship, you get a heavenly feather that will grant you a special wish.

 5-6 Your knowledge indicates that you're interested in angels. As you increase your knowledge, you'll grow spiritually. For good sportsmanship, you get a divine feather that will grant you a special wish.

 7-8 Congratulations. You know more than the average person about angels. And your inner beauty is apparent to everyone around you. You get a feather that will take you far and grant you a wish.

9-10 Congratulations! You're an angel expert. You are a spiritual soul who takes great interest in everything around you. You're truly an angel on earth. You get a feather that will carry you to your dreams.


1. True. Raphael is considered a healing angel and can heal both earth and humans of all maladies. According to Hebrew literature, Raphael was the angel God sent to heal Jacob after he'd sustained injuries from another angel.

2. True. The only angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament is the Angel of Death, who's depicted as an angel of destruction, acting under the orders of God.

  3. True. There are supposed to be seven divisions of angels, ranked similarly to an army. It's uncertain exactly how many angels there are, but the Jewish Kabbalah, lists the number at 49 million.

4. True. An angel's primary goal is to serve as God's messenger, to do God's will in heaven and on earth. They're also spiritual guides and guardians to the living. They're our link to heaven.

5. True. Michael is an archangel and one of the most powerful and well known angels of all. He's ranked high in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religion. He's considered chief among the archangels, Prince of Light, an angel of repentance, righteousness, and mercy. He also conquered Satan.

6. True. Though it's difficult for us to imagine a wingless angel, angels can appear in any form, as human or animal. They can fly, but they don't need wings to do so. Our conception of angels with wings derives from centuries of art.

7. True. Lucifer, said to have been the wisest and most beautiful of all angels, and called the "Star of the Morning," rebelled against God's authority and became a fallen angel. "How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn!..."
--Isaiah 14:12-14

8. True. Cherubim and Seraphim are of the highest order of angels and are closest to God. Cherubim guard God's throne. They also serve a role similar to that of an ambassador; they're the keepers of the heavenly records and the guardians of the stars. Seraphim worship God endlessly and purify his other servants; they're the angels of love, light, and fire.

9. True. Humans can't become angels. Angels are a different type of spiritual being with a unique role that's unlike ours. The closest spiritual being a human can be to an angel is a saint.

10. True. George Washington had an angel vision while he was cooped up at Valley Forge with his army during a cold and bitter winter. In fact, the angel visited him three times, advising him on the conflict ahead and telling him that the United States would emerge victorious, the leader of the world. These messages gave the dispirited Washington the strength and courage he needed to continue the battle, which lead to the United State's Independence.

"Angel Trivia Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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