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Prayer For Hope...

God, we have not lost faith in you.
We suffered a great tragedy
in the United States on September 11,
a crime against all humanity,
and we know that this attack
could never have been
wrought by your loving hand.
And we are saddened that such
hate and anger lives in
the hearts of men.
Now, more than ever,
we depend on your wisdom,
and we hope for world peace.
We look to you for guidance
during this difficult time,
and ask that you ease
the suffering of every soul
that was touched
by the tragedy.
Please continue to give
us the strength and tenacity
to get through this crisis.
Send your angels to calm
and comfort those
who lost someone they love,
and keep those who perished
safe in your keeping.
Reserve a special place in heaven
for every heroic soul
who lost their life
while trying to save others,
and send your love and healing power
to every person who was wounded.
But most of all, God,
keep the spark of hope
for better days to come
alive in every heart.


"Prayer for Hope," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Music: "Hope In My Heart," Original Composition by Bobette Bryan

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