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American Spirit...

On September 11, thousands of
Americans lost their lives to a
senseless and cowardly act of terrorism
and an entire nation mourned.

However, these terrorists
knew nothing about the
American spirit.

They greatly underestimated our
strength, resolve, and bravery.

We've met with disaster,
but we've come together in the midst
of adversity and found strength
through one another.

We refuse to be beaten, bullied,
or weakened by terrorists.

And we are far from helpless.

We will stand together through
this crisis, and we will heal.

We will raise our flag
and let it fly high and victorious
beneath the stars.

And we will emerge stronger
than ever before,
united through our pride,
our compassion,
and our faith in God.

"American Spirit," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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