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Cherish Civil Rights...

The terrorist attack
on the United States
on September 11,
was an evil act of prejudice,
and it reveals just how
ugly, illogical, and
unjust prejudice is.

Yet, many people missed
this lesson,
for following the tragedy,
innocent American Arabs
and Muslims have been
persecuted in this country.

Such acts wound this nation.

We've suffered a terrible
tragedy, but we can't bury
our values beneath it.
And we're justifiably angry,
about what happened,
but we can't punish
and persecute the innocent.

We must continue to cherish
the constitution and civil rights;
otherwise, the terrorists
will be victorious
in their hope to destroy
a nation's spirit
and fundamental principles.

Let's fight back by
standing strong and united.
Let's work together
and help each other heal.
And above all, let's
remember the very principles
that made this country great.

"Cherish Civil Rights," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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